Jakob Geis

Quick Facts

IntroBavarian folk singer
A.K.A.Papa Geis
Was Singer
From Germany
Type Music
Birth 27 December 1840, Athens, Greece
Death 3 March 1908, Munich, Germany
(aged 67 years)
Star signCapricorn


Jakob Geis, stage name Papa Geis (27 December 1840, in Munich – 3 March 1908, in Munich) was a Munich performer, folksinger, and musical director. He was considered a master of Bavarian cuplés. The dramatist and director Jacob Geis was his grandchild.

Originally he wanted to become a Catholic priest. But at the age of 26, he broke off his theological studies and started a stage career as a comedian in Vienna. He wore only black clothes, a bit like a Catholic priest. Often he was greeted therefore as a Father. His stage name Papa Geis means Daddy Geis.

In 1878 he started his own musical and comedian group, named Gesellschaft Geis. His cuplés reflect a piece of cultural history of Munich.


  • CD “Rare Schellacks – München: Volkssänger”, by Trikont (Best.Nr. US 0199), including the “Bachstelzenlied” from Papa Geis.

1902 Papa Geis recorded five couplés by “Gramophone Co.”:

  • G&T 42 230 (mx. 594) Kalauer-Couplet (music: Julius Einödshofer)
  • G&T 42 231 (mx. 596) Daradl-Dadl (text: Krakauer)
  • G&T 42 232 (mx. 593) Travestie über das “Bachstelzenlied” (Tit-willow) (music: W.S.Gilbert)
  • G&T 42 233 (mx. 592) Couplet mit Opern-Refrain
  • G&T 42 234 (mx. 594) Durchs Schlüsselloch (text: Verney)

Selected bibliography

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