Quick Facts

A.K.A.Flavius Magnus
Is Politician
From Italy
Type Politics
Birth 390, Narbonne, France
Children: Flavius ProbusAraneola


Flavius Magnus (c. 390 or 405–475) was a Roman Senator of Narbonne (then Narbo). He was appointed Consul of Rome in 460 by the Emperor Majorian, at the same time Flavius Apollonius served in the East, and later served as praetorian prefect of Gaul in 469.


His father, born ca 380, might have been the son of Ennodius, Proconsul of Africa. He might have been Flavius Felix (380 – 430), Consul of Rome in 428, who married Padusia and was allegedly an ancestor of Felix, Consul in 511. His mother (b. 385) was a daughter of Flavius Julius Agricola, Consul of Rome in 421 and father of Emperor Avitus.

He was the father of:

  • Magnus Felix (430 – after 469), a Patron in 469, married to Attica (b. 440);
  • Araneola (b. 435 or 440), married to Polemius;
  • Flavius Probus, a Roman Senator

Sources and references

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