Egnatius Victor Marinianus

Quick Facts

IntroAncient Roman officer and senator
Is Politician
From Italy
Holy Roman Empire
Type Politics
Father: Lucius Egnatius Victor


Egnatius Victor Marinianus (fl. 3rd century AD) was a Roman military officer and senator who was appointed suffect consul around AD 230.


Egnatius Marinianus was a member of the third century gens Egnatia, and it has been speculated that he was the son of Lucius Egnatius Victor, consul suffectus before AD 207. Sometime before AD 230 he was the Legatus Augusti pro praetore (or imperial governor) of the province of Arabia Petraea. He was eventually appointed consul suffectus in around AD 230. Then sometime after this he again filled the office of Legatus Augusti pro praetore, this time in Moesia Superior.

Previously it had been speculated that Egnatius Marinianus was the father of Egnatia Mariniana, who was the wife of Valerian and mother of Gallienus. However, it is now believed that he was probably her brother.


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