Judge Lawyer

Elias B. D. Ogden

Quick Facts

IntroAmerican judge
Was Lawyer
From United States of America
Type Law
Birth 22 May 1800, Elizabeth
Death 24 February 1865
(aged 64 years)


Elias B. Dayton Ogden (May 22, 1800 – February 24, 1865) was an American attorney and jurist who served three terms as an associate justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court from 1848 until his death in 1865.


He was the son of New Jersey Governor Aaron Ogden. Ogden graduated from Princeton College in 1819. He was admitted to the bar in 1824 and admitted as a counselor in 1829. He practiced law in Paterson, New Jersey and in 1834 was appointed as Prosecutor of the Pleas for Essex County. He was briefly a candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 1843, eventually withdrawing in favor of his first cousin, Daniel Haines.

Ogden was a delegate from Passaic County to the New Jersey Constitutional Convention in 1844.

Ogden was a director of the Paterson and Hudson River Railroad at the time of its incorporation in 1831, and was the railroad’s president in 1852.

Ogden returned to live at his family home in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1858. He died there of pneumonia in 1865.