Historian Religious scholar Theologian

Finnur Jónsson

Quick Facts

IntroIcelandic bishop
Was Religious scholar
From Iceland
Type Religion
Social science
Birth 16 January 1704, Hítarvatn, Iceland
Death 23 July 1785, Skálholt, Iceland
(aged 81 years)
Star signCapricorn
University of Copenhagen


Finnur Jónsson (16 January 1704 – 23 July 1789) was an Icelandic pastor who served as Bishop of Skálholt from 1754 to 1785. He attended the University of Copenhagen and became a pastor at Reykholt in 1732. He was reluctant to become a bishop due to the administrative duties the office entailed. He was also an accomplished scholar. In 1774, he became the first Icelander to receive a Doctor of Theology degree. From 1772 to 1778, he published Historia Ecclesiastica Islandiæ, a four-volume work containing publications of the church in Iceland in Latin.

Finnur’s son, Hannes Finnsson, succeeded his father as Bishop of Skálholt, having been ordained a bishop in 1777. Finnur’s wife was Guðríður Gísladóttir (1707–1766).