Quick Facts

Father: Ishhi-Addu


“There is no king who is mighty by himself. Ten or fifteen kings follow Hammurabi the ruler of Babylon, a like number of Rim-Sin of Larsa, a like number of Ibal-pi-el of Eshnunna, a like number of Amut-piʾel of Qatanum, but twenty follow Yarim-Lim of Yamhad.”

A tablet sent to Zimri-Lim of Mari, showing that Amut-piʾel had 15 vassal kings.

Amut-piʾel II was a king of Qatna in the 18th century BC. His reign is attested in the archive of Mari between c. 1772-1762 BC, after which, Mari was destroyed by Hammurabi of Babylon and no more information is known about Amut-piʾel. He was the son of king Ishi-Addu, and his own son and crown prince was named Jaḫad-Abum but it is not known if this heir succeeded due to lack of sources. Amut-piʾel II visited Ugarit and met the king of Mari in year 8 of Zimri-Lim’s reign.